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What is a PDF?

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a particular type of file which we use in many places across our site. To view PDF files you need to use Acrobat reader software which can be downloaded, free of charge, from Adobe.

What is a DOC file?

DOC files are produced and read by Microsoft Word. The DOC files on this site were produced on Word 97. Microsoft Word 97 and later, or other popular word processing programs can be used to read these files. If you do not own a program that can view DOC files, the Microsoft Word Viewer can be downloaded.

What is a PPT file?

PPT files open in Microsoft Powerpoint. If you do not own the full program, the Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer can be downloaded.

What is an XLS file?

XLS files contain data from Microsoft Excel, though they can be read by many spreadsheet programs. If you do not own a program that can view Excel files, the Microsoft Excel Viewer can be downloaded..

Open Office

Open Office from Sun is a free suite of office programs that are compatible with the above microsoft products.

What is a ZIP file?

ZIP files are compressed 'archives' containing one or more other files. Software is needed in order to 'un-compress' ZIP files, and use the files they contain. Winzip or PKZIP can be downloaded on a trial basis.

What is an ESRI shapefile?

An ESRI shapefile is a vector file format for displaying nontopological geometry and attribute information for use with Geographical Information Systems (GIS). The shapefile has the .shp extension, and comes with other associated files which can include , .shx, sbx, .sbn and .dbf.

Shapefiles support point, line and area features.

Software to view these files can be downloaded for free from ESRI


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