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The aims of the UK Oil Portal are to:

  • Implement the mandatory UK Government policy for all business processes to be available from the web by 2005. The UK Oil Portal is how DECC's Energy Development Unit (EDU) will achieve this. This portal will provide authenticated access to OG's e-commerce systems as they become available.
  • Establish a secure electronic commerce environment that will support a transactional web system. EDU recognise that some of the information being submitted is commercially sensitive and must be protected.
  • Allow the UK Oil Industry to apply for and receive consent or direction electronically on a wide range of activities relating to Hydrocarbon Exploration, Production, Development, Decommissioning and the protection of the Environment.
  • Provide improved and streamlined Government administration procedures in support of this.
  • Support the monitoring of consented activities within the UK and ensure conformance with Petroleum Licence obligations, good practice and regulations.
  • Provide an environment which is adaptable to changes in future legislation and the realisation of improved administration and regulation.
  • Take advantage of initiatives within the global Oil industry on data and information exchange standards and internet data services.